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Streamline Your Signing Process with Reliable Notary Services

We offer efficient and professional notary public services to individuals and businesses in [your service area].

  • Securely notarize a variety of documents, including:

    • Affidavits

    • Deeds

    • Wills

    • Power of attorney

    • Loan documents

    • And more!

  • Certify Copies

  • Print documents

  • Convenient appointment scheduling:

    • Meet us at your location (mobile notary services available).

    • Visit our office (if applicable).

  • Prompt and professional service:

    • We value your time and ensure a smooth notarization experience.

Get a free quote or schedule an appointment today!

Remote Online Notarization or RON allows you to have your documents notarized virtually from the comfort of your own home or office and if you are out of the country. There are requirements and you can read more about that here.  You'll connect with Donna, a licensed notary public through a secure video call, eliminating the need for travel and in-person appointments.


A jurat acts as the official stamp of authenticity on an affidavit. It's a specific section on the document, completed by a notary public, that verifies the signer swore or affirmed the truthfulness of the content under oath. Essentially, it confirms the signer took the affidavit seriously and understands the legal implications of potential perjury. The jurat includes details like the date, location, and notary's information, adding a layer of credibility to the affidavit.


Witnesses can be provided if needed. See the following for more information: 

  • Will: In New Jersey, two disinterested witnesses (meaning they cannot be beneficiaries or their spouse) are required to observe the signing of the will and sign a statement confirming they witnessed the testator (person creating the will) signing the document and that the testator appeared to be of sound mind.

  • Power of Attorney: Generally, New Jersey requires one witness to observe the signing of a power of attorney, except for a durable power of attorney for healthcare, which requires two witnesses. Similar to a will, the witness(es) must be disinterested parties.

Copy Certification

Traveling abroad or opening an international bank account? Secure your originals!

Many situations require submitting important documents like birth certificates, driver's licenses, or passports. While these documents might be needed for travel applications or opening bank accounts abroad, risking your originals is unnecessary. We offer certified copies, which act as official verification that a photocopy is an accurate representation of the original document.

Please note: Acceptance of certified copies may vary depending on the specific requirements of the requesting entity (e.g., embassy, bank). We recommend always confirming their requirements directly to ensure a smooth process.

Mobile Notary Services

For your convenience, we offer mobile notary services! A mobile notary public is a licensed individual who travels to your preferred location to witness the signing and notarize your documents. This eliminates the need for you to travel to a physical office, saving you valuable time and effort. Whether you're at home, work, or another location, a mobile notary can ensure your documents are notarized efficiently and securely.


A notary acknowledgment, specifically in a legal context, is a formal statement by a notary public confirming that a specific individual appeared before them in person and willingly signed a document. The notary verifies the signer's identity and ensures they understand the contents and consequences of the document. This adds an official layer of legitimacy and reduces the risk of fraud. The acknowledgment becomes part of the document, serving as proof that signing occurred under proper circumstances.

Document Printing & Scanning

In the new digital world, not everyone has access to printers.  We can help with that.  Simply let me know that you require printing your documents before our appointment and I can provide your documents.  We use laser printers, ensuring that they meet compliance with various institutions. 

**While we offer convenient copying services for your documents, it's important to note that I am unable to assist with their preparation. As a notary public, I am legally prohibited from offering legal advice or drafting legal documents. However, we can happily help you with making clear and high-quality copies of your existing documents to streamline the notarization process. If you require assistance with preparing legal documents, we recommend consulting with a qualified attorney or legal professional.

Mobile scanning is also available.

Frequently, notarized documents need to be scanned and emailed out right away.  We can scan and email them to you or wherever they need to go.  

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